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Has your fiberglass tornado shelter leaked, cracked or floated? Do you have a story to tell? We may have a FREE Tornado Shelter for you.

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safety or cancer hazard?

Have you or someone you know recently been affected by the increase in tornadoes and inclement weather over the past few years? Has someone you know installed a Fiberglass Tornado Shelter, only to find out that the unit is already deteriorating, cracking, rotting, molding and/or possibly leaking? Or, have you or a family member recently learned of the FDA's findings that "Fiberglass fibers cause lung diseases and cancer" (Sources: Natural News- Fiberglass fibers cause lung diseases and cancer). While many in the Underground Shelter industry have continued to say for years, that Fiberglass was an inferior structural building material, that is known for severe failures in the field, the recent findings of the FDA and Fiberglass fibers causing cancer and various other lung diseases, continues to ring very evident, that Underground Fiberglass Tornado Shelters are more of a liability to a person or a families health, rather than the sanctuary and safety it is supposed to provide during a time of inclement weather.

"My experience with fiberglass piping, I knew it was susceptible to fracturing/shearing and could fail catastrophically without warning"

- A Project Engineer from a World Leading Agri-Products Company

With frequent news stories of random, fly by night companies deceiving customers into a fiberglass safety hazard, or to the ones that attorney generals of certain states have to revoke their business licenses, the obvious standout as to who are capable and ethical participants in this industry.